RCR Comes Together for Tiny But Mighty Member, Evelyn Roy

This week we’re collecting financial contributions on behalf of a very important RCR member, Evelyn Roy. You can donate cash in the collection can under the whiteboard until Sunday, October 23rd. Funds will be used to support the family with meal delivery while Evelyn is in the hospital, a gift basket for her to enjoy post-op and a visa gift card for incidentals like hospital parking, etc.

The Roy Family (Heather, Mike, Evelyn and Harper) have been members of the gym for several years with Heather participating in a variety of classes with her daughters often in tow or enrolled in CF Kids!

The first week of school Heather took Evelyn (9 years old) to the hospital with what they thought was appendicitis. Doctors soon found a mass the size of a softball in Evelyn’s stomach. Following a biopsy the Roy’s learned the mass is neuroblastoma, a type of cancer.

This week Evelyn is undergoing some pretty intense scans to determine how far the cancer has spread with surgery scheduled for early next week. Following the surgery, Doctors will better be able to assess treatment and Evelyn’s prognosis going forward.

As our friend Heather (who is Celiac) will be in the hospital daily with Evelyn next week we have arranged for our amazing friends at Harbour Meals to deliver a week’s worth gluten free meals to her door on Sunday so she can focus on Evelyn and stay healthy herself. If you’d like to contribute please feel free to make a financial donation of any kind this week (through Sunday). In addition to the meals we are assembling a basket of activities to keep Evelyn occupied post-surgery next week and will use the rest towards a Visa gift card to help the family pay for hospital parking and other incidentals.

Tomorrow let’s raise a toast to little Evelyn, one of the strongest girls we know…keeping her wonderful family in our thoughts all the while.

Good luck, Evelyn!