Christian Ortiz: Monday Member Spotlight

This week’s member spotlight is Christian Ortiz!

I am from Colombia, Bogota and moved to Salt Lake City when I was about 8 years old. Came to Calgary with my parents when I was about 16 years old and have been here ever since. Even though I am from a latin culture I don’t find a lot of interest in soccer (hahaha) but did play football in high school before coming to Calgary.

Since I was little I have always been into anything with a motor, motorcycle, truck, car, snowmobile, whatever it was I wanted to have it and tune it. This eventually led to my current line of work (even though I tried very hard at my Nursing and Business degrees) I work for a shop called The Gear Shop, it is located about 2 minutes from RCR! The Gear Shop concentrates on building, tuning and maintaining vehicles for each client’s specific needs. I am very passionate about my career!

For quite some time I did not have a lot of physical activity in my life, as work became more important I slowly stopped running and going to the gym. Everyday I ended up feeling super tired with no energy or motivation. It didn’t feel right and I wanted to feel better. I started looking for a program that broke the regular routine and made it fun! I was referred to RCR by a client at the shop so I made the decision to check it out. Shortly after that I got a reply and in little to no time I started my training with Amber. I was really nervous coming in as this was something new, I was also afraid I wouldn’t like it and be back at square 1! I pushed myself to finish Foundations as quickly as possible in order to join CrossFit classes. It was hard at the start as the movements and routines are so different from anything you do at a regular gym. The Coaches and members were so supportive and helpful it made my transition to class easy. Now that I am going more consistently I really can’t stop! Some days are better then others as energy levels vary but one thing that is a guarantee is I always leave feeling positive with more energy and less stress, It is amazing.


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