Daniel Din: September Athlete of the Month

September’s Athlete of the Month, sponsored by
Rouge Restaurant, Calgary, is Daniel Din! Daniel has been admirably consistent of late resulting in huge improvements in his lifts and metcons! He’s always a positive presence in the gym and we never see him without a smile on his face!

You can find Daniel parked in our exclusive Athlete of the Month parking stall this month with a $100 gift card to RCR’s favorite restasurant, Rouge! Congrats again Dan, KEEP IT UP! We’re insanely proud of you!


Daniel’s Story:

I wasn’t a huge fan of going to a regular gym and had no motivation going on my own and using machines. But after following CrossFit and giving it a try my perspective of going to the gym every day has changed. I began to enjoy coming into the gym and getting a work out in. The WODs seem well programmed. I feel my fitness as a whole is better. I can lift more, run faster, run longer. I can simply just do a lot more. On top of getting fit. It is also kinda nice losing weight. I am way more confident in my appearance then I ever have been.

It’s really hard to pin point exactly one accomplishment I’m most proud of because everyday show that I show up is another day I feel proud of myself. Getting stronger, faster, and more flexible.

This is very cliche to say, but the community is what makes RCR really awesome. Every one is very supportive. The Coaches at RCR are always helping me improve my movements and pushing me through my mental limits. The place is amazing. Everyone who shows up is just there to improve themselves and to help others.

It has almost been a year since I first joined RCR! I feel like I have achieved a a lot here. I can’t wait to see what else is in store. Just wondering, “Will I be stronger? Will I be faster? Will I just be better?….” Well I don’t know. I just have to keep coming back to find out.”