Friends in the Box: Friendships that started at RCR

CrossFit is known for building fantastic communities, here’s a story of how 4 amazing RCR athletes have built a deep rooted friendship over the last few years. Together they sweat, suffer and work on weaknesses proving that new friendships are an amazing benefit of pursuing CrossFit.

“We met in January 2016 at RCR’s first 6 Week Challenge. By the end of the challenge, we didn’t know each other well, but had discussed all becoming members and attending classes together. Becoming official members was an exciting new chapter for us all; wanting to succeed, we pushed one another and held each other accountable for making it to class each day. We quickly became close friends and started planning activities together outside of the gym. We often go out for dinner and drinks, attend festivals, events and are always trying new things. The four of us make a point to celebrate birthdays, our accomplishments and even our CrossFit anniversary, we’re not just gym acquaintances, but truly close friends.

People often say, ‘it’s hard to make new friends as an adult’, but that definitely wasn’t the case with this crew. I am so grateful for CrossFit, which never fails to challenge me and the strong bond I’ve formed with these truly amazing women I get to call, my friends.” – Karen

“When I first joined CrossFit, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. Not only have I gained a healthier lifestyle, I have also been blessed with truly amazing friends that have helped motivate me to work hard and try new things! These ladies are fabulous and I’m very proud to have them as friends!-Kathleen

“I never thought a 6 week-fitness challenge would change my life. Not only did I embark on a new fitness journey, but I made some great friends. I am grateful for these girls; how supportive, funny and adventurous they are and love that CrossFit brought us together.” – Steph

CrossFit has changed my life in so many ways; I never thought that 2.5 years later I would still be doing it. A big part of why I am, is because of these women who have come into my life. They push and challenge me, not just in CrossFit but on a personal level as well. I am so grateful to have them by my side. – Alix

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