September Programming Breakdown

This month our team of coaches want you to keep in mind that RX’ing a WOD is not the only way for you to achieve the best results in your pursuit of fitness. Being able to take a group program and individualize it is what RCR’s coaches are there to help you with every class. The ability to interpret the intent of the session and apply that, while challenging yourself to improve is more beneficial than putting too much load on a bar or losing focus and failing to hit and maintain good positions.


Gymnastics are going to be the focus a few days a week. We will be practicing positions a lot and we encourage you to take these exercises and have fun with them. The gymnastic practice may happen before we employ that movement in the workout. This could mean a lot of volume, so listen to your body and choose rep schemes and specific movements to benefit you the most. Work with your coach on those days to get guidance.



This month we’ll be seeing more frequency in Olympic lifting. Everyone has worked hard to gain strength in the squat and pull, now we will be practicing the position of our lifts and utilizing complexes a fair bit. Complexes are beneficial for a few reasons; they allow us to practice different components of the lifts separately and gain some awareness as to where we need to put ourselves in relation to the bar. Complexes also require that we lift at a lower weight because there are multiple movements which can make it easier to recover from with less stress from the loading on the bar.


Mondays are going to have a little more to achieve on them. Show up ready and focused.


We are also going to see some longer mono structural (CrossFit speak for cardio) days to help you build a good aerobic engine. The better our hearts and lungs become, the more efficiently we can deliver the products of our exertion. This capacity will lead to a better recovery for everything you do in and out of the gym whether you’re weightlifting, conditioning or in the mountains skiing this winter.